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11-02-2012, 11:05 AM
Do Latinum Traders actually trade something for latinum? Or are they for figure - a poor figure compared to Orion dancing girls.

If it was on me, I would have made traders available to both and so Orions, because neither is really faction-specific:

Orion Syndicate continues to exist independently from KDF, and just look at the show to see Scott's reaction to a Orion dancing exhibition.

Latinum is used nearly anywhere in the quadrant as interstellar currency, so KDF too needs access to Traders.

Given any attempt to customize projects always give cool stuff to KDF and poor rewards for the same cost to Feds, it will be a huge improvement if they were made identical.

And for customization elements, just look straight at the show. I mean, what about Federation Starbases actually have federal architecture, LCARC interface etc just like you did for KDF?

No ranting here, just giving my feedback to help you improve more this game