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07-13-2009, 07:22 PM
i unfortunately did not have time to read all the questions posted before this one. due to having to be at work at 445 am on the 14th EST time. and i wont be home to submit my question in person either unfortunately but if by some chance my question got picked for answering that would be awesome. so my question is this. how MODULAR are we talking. IE. are we going to have modular everything. like modular engines modular armor modular shields modular weapons modular bridges, cargo bays, shuttle bays, etc etc etc. and and then on that line of questioning. if we do have say modular warp engines, what are our choices for modules for that section, IE i don't expect to see a sick bay where a warp engine should be, but is something along those lines possible, and again using engines what range of engines would we be able to put there on say our excelsior class ship IE anything from say warp 5 to the top of the line. or could we go lower than warp 5 but not to the best of the best.

another question is how many different types of modules will there be. IE bridge, shuttle pod, engine, etc. and i imagine that each ship will have a different number of module slots. but what is an average we can be looking for, for each class of ship, what would we be starting out at as far as number of modules and what can we then look forward to down the road for a maximum number of modules with the best ships.

thank you for reading my question. i hope your eyes are not bleeding by this point