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Originally Posted by starschildren1 View Post
Sci: Built as a Suppot Vessel with POWERFUL shtelds.
Engi: Built as a Exploration Vessel with lots of hull\huge Warp Reactor
Tac: Built as a Support Vessel with Firepower

We should all know this because of our wonderfull Star Trek Shows\Movies.

Getting to the point; What makes the Vesta Class a OP ship? Because of its so called god mode? Its a SCI ship! Its meant to have powerfull shields thanks to the great scientists in the ship. Just because its immune to Damage for probably 30 seconds like the Ablative armor doesn't mean its God like.
Most of the people who point the finger at certain ships and cry overpowered are most likely Tac Captains because their damage won't be able to take someone out in the 60 secons they have before they are fired back upon and destroyed. Its agreable that Tacs are meant to pack a punch. But they are not suppoed to take as much damage as they are giving. But alas not every Tac is capable of such a feat. Same goes for some Sci and even some Eng! Every ship\class has their purpose in the Star Trek Universe\ Game. Being a Sci Captain I for one am proud to finally have a ship than will b able to take some damage as well as give it but because of our extremely reduced hull strength I think its bout time Sci has their one hip that can do some Damage! Eni should be next given their massive tanking abilities maby a better turn rate is in order as well.

The Vest class wll be a big upgrade for All Captains!

Like a wise man once said; " Its not how powerfull your ship is, but how you handle your ship!"
I have no problem with the players getting the Vesta. I am very happy they have.

The ONLY problem I have is that the KDF have little or no comparable ship to compete against it with.

Even by itself the ship simply has too much going for it.

Then throw them altogether Vesta (Danubes) + Atrox (Danubes) + Armitage (Danubes) + Fleet MVAM (Multi-vector) + Fleet Defiant (5x Tac) into the mix and things get kinda one sided pretty quickly.

In any match FEDs versatility trumps anything the KDF can do.

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