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11-02-2012, 12:24 PM
Those mines work wonders. With them i dominate the transceivers, and ALL probes die simply to aoe splash and the mines.. .i can target the gate 100% of the time. (not to mention that it absolutely destroys donatra)

What i use is this:

2 tact teams 2 torp spreads 2 cannon scatter and then the beta dispersal

2 emergency to weaps

a hazard, rotate, shield buff etc.... for the rest

3DHC 1 quan (switching back to 1DBB 1DHC 1DC and 1 quan to continue my testing for another thread)

would i be better off with 2 torps vs the 1 i have now?

Any other suggestions? (besides to stop being cheap and redoing my skills that i know i jacked up)

Edit: oh yeah in back 1 turret and 2 tric mines. (energy type is plasma, purely for the sound/visuals... did a test and those ones barely squeeked past tetryon and polaron for the coolest looking/sounding)