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most cruiser threads aren't even about cruisers in general, they are about how weak the galaxy is, and honestly i agree...but please, leave that ship alone and do not generalize cruisers based on that one ship.
The only real problem there is that the Galaxy was such an iconic ship. A huge part of the franchise was based off of the D and the 24th century in which the D was the flagship of the federation, and the Galaxy was considered probably one of the, if not the most powerful starship (NOT warship mind you) in the Federation.

But baudl is right. If you get more combat oriented cruisers, like the Regen and Tactical Odyssey, you will find many of your damage dealing woes become a moot point. Heck, even the free Assault Cruiser, and MU Assault Cruiser is good at dealing damage if built properly and geared towards damage.

The only catch here is that if you are geared towards damage in a cruiser, you will sacrifice some power in it's main strength: tanking and support (something that I've been made painfully aware of on more than one occasion by a Borg Tactical Cube/Transwarp Gateway that decided to educate me on that fact). The only problem with cruisers in this department (and I mean ALL of them, not just the Galaxy) is that if you spec them towards damage, you will lose out on defense. But that's how it goes. You can't have it all.
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