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11-02-2012, 01:05 PM
Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
I haven't got a beef with Cryptic, or a line to cross, simply put. I got burned in the Emblem conversion (15 away from a ship; had to start over), but got over it. And liked everything that came in-game, and is coming in-game
Is there a "bridge too far" for you? Can they screw you in some way that won't let you forgive and forget? One thing about this you may want to consider, being able to forgive is a valuable tool when it comes to maintaining your sanity with family and friends. I know this firsthand. However, our relationship with Cryptic/PWE is strictly commercial.

Now, if you really mean what you say, that you've liked everything so far as well as what's coming (How can you "like" what you haven't experienced in any meaningful way?), why are you posting in this thread? Based on what you've said only, the reason can only be that you're acting as an "agent of chaos," trying to rile posters up to detract from the heartfelt concerns being expressed.

But isn't that what this thread is for, supplying Cryptic with input?