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sorry for any repeats:

Q: Can you place your configuration slots where you want or are they placed in pre-determined locations: example: My science labs are by default in the saucer on the port side. Can I move the lab to an open area in the aft hull on the starboard side or any other open area within my ship hull? – Kinneas

Q:Star Trek games dating back to 1975 have had some incredible weapon options beyond phasers and photons. Will any of the soft-canon favorites be appearing in STO??
Examples: Drones, scatterpacks, plasmatic pulsar device, wild weasels, expanding sphere generators, ECM/ECCM systems...etc???? –Kinneas

Q: You have mentioned in previous Ask Cryptic segments that you can make you ship look however you like, you have also mentioned that you have the parts to make say an old Constitution class, but followed up by saying that it make you ship weaker. That established… if you have 10 configuration options, will part A be better than part B? I short are some configurations naturally stronger than others? -- Captain Butters.

Q: With regards to internal configuration. Can you change/upgrade you transporter module? I would like to be able to change my transporter effects. Trek has had so many, I do prefer some more than others. -- Sci Officer Brooks

Q: How many configuration slots on average does each ship have? --Kinneas

Q: What are the configurations options for a Federation Tier 1, science ship. For someone who wants to 'explore and find strange new worlds?'—Kinneas

Q: Can you tinker with the components in your slots: Example: Can you tinker with the primary components that make up the main computer, the sensor platform, physics telescope, warp core, dilithium chamber & engines or nacelles?

Q: Are there specific configuration "packages" that go together, or can a ship "mix and match" as they want? –Kinjiru san

Q: How will we as captains acquire new ships and upgrades to our ships' configurations? Will it be through our Chief Engineer Bridge Officer crafting a new part, or our superior NPCs at Starfleet authorize us an upgrade, or something else?

Q: How about something more generic like: How will we acquire new modules or upgrades to our ships? –Kinjiru, san.

Q: I want to be an Engineer. Yet with no simulation in STO. How will I get to experience the Engineering class through my configured modules? –Kinneas

Q: Can I upgrade my impulse engines for better speeds and turning? --Kinn

Q: Q:Scanning Packages: What are the primary/default scanning --Kinn

How about: Will ship "chassis" have a max attainable speed in both impulse and warp drive, or will it depend solely upon engine size, strength and/or upgrades, or a combination of all of the above?—Kinjiru san

Q: Sensor Platform: Are there slots for individual sensors or bundled sensor packages? --kinn

Q: Can your components be blown into space for others to steal while in combat? --Ni**le

Q: If you can get through someones shields can you beam out their configured items? or using away teams attack specific configured packages? or beam a bomb onto opponents configured items? -Kinneas

Q: What class/Configuration will be made by Guilds (the largest ships in the game, as mentioned in the Las Vegas video

Q: Will there be modules for Organic & Non-organic storage and processing as well as for water/water reprocessing. Can these be ejected? -Kinn

Q: if I want to go 'off -road and plot in courses not on the official course database' can I enter coordinates into the SINS module of the main computer or as we have seen in shows, take control of a ship by capturing a main computer? --Kinn