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11-02-2012, 12:12 PM
First time testing S7.

Went to the new sector block, picked up the daily. Some planets like Khitomer did not offer any missions to contribute to the patrol misison, wich I found odd.

After that was complete, I farted about with the reputation system. I found the UI very intuitive, and the resources required to fill the "missions" were not too high.

Then I went to New Romulus. Nice place I must say, if a bit gray. Some more and a bit brighter colour palette would not hurt, if only to make it seem more vibrant.

Another odd thing was that I had to go to a console to play the intro cut-scene. Should it not play upon beaming down for the first time, and then be able to use the console if one wants to replay the intro sequence at a later time if one so wishes??

I did find the new map very good and easy to figure out. Was very nice and detailed, and I would strongly suggest to add this to all the missions in the game, since some of the other maps are very low res, and makes the game look bad to new players.

The new mini games were fun.

More to follow as I explore New Romulus further.

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