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Originally Posted by gthaatar View Post
I'm going to go ahead and post this here, for those that are still going off about the Vesta without really thinking about it:
i couldn't disagree more with that assessment. lets take a look at what the vesta actually is.

it has the movement, hull and shield mod +.05 of a recon sci. a ship not regarded as a push over correct? but it also has an ody/vet ship style station setup, i could create exactly the station setup the recon has, or something more like the nebula, or something heavily tactical, wile still being able to have 3 eng powers if i likes. that alone might not make it op, but its certainly a premium product for a premium price.

then you go adding in to major mold breaking extras never before seen on a sci ship, DHC use and a hanger for the most op pet by fir, the runabout.

sci ships are meant to set up a kill, but cant spike to save their lives, they are a component in a team effort. the vesta, not only can it set up the kill, it can do at least 3/4 the damage of an additional escort to the target it has befuddled. an extra source of DHC spike when it is needed will vastly increase the chances of the team getting that kill.

and more runabout holds for everyone, making all of this easier to do with a free extra long and chain able hold.

and the consoles? i forgot what they do, i agree they arent that impotent. they will surly just add to the annoyance of trying to fight one of these things wile they chain hold you befuddle you, nuk and scan you and finally spike you.

if you can get a ship with 13 turn to use DHCs trouble free, especially with the runabout handycap, you need to go back to piloting school and put together a build that doesn't suck so bad.
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