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One thing I think needs to change artistically at Starfleet Academy is the Commandant. The Comandant of the Academy needs to be at least a Rear Admiral Lower Half. As it is now, he only has a commander's pips. In TNG, when Admiral Gregory Quin wanted to promote Picard to Admiral and have him take over as Commandant of the Academy, he made it sound like being an Admiral was a prerequisite for the position. And we were later introduce to Admiral Brand, who was the Commandant. I'd redo his uniform as such: SFA uniform. Red (A6) torso and pants stripe. Black shoulders. Gold (C12) dividing stripe. All Good Things combadge with gold backgroung geometry and silver delta symbol. Gold Rear-admiral's rank insignia.

It shouldn't be that difficult a change. Not only would it grant the NPC an appearance of greater authority with the rank increase, but the different color style of the uniform, closely resembling a TNG officer's uniform rather than a Cadet or instructor's uniform would make him stand out as unique.
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