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Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
The only role turn rate plays in defense is the ability to present a The big problem for Science-oriented builds is that many Science abilities have a limited arc of effect and they're always in the forward arc. Even fast Science vessels can have a hard time bringing certain abilities into play against faster escorts, which is why Science benefits from anything that slows down the opponent.
I fly also a wells with a science toon, it's equiped with 2 dual beam bank, 1x photon torpedo in the front, 1xtemporal device, 1xphoton torpedo, 1xchroniton torpedo in the rear

tactical lt cmd with TT1, TS2, TS3

ensign eng: EPtS1

all others stations are used as follow:


no rcs console

I have no problem to delivery about 4500 DPS even if my primary role is stopping, slowing, debuffing and healing.

I also used the long range science vessel retrofit... good enough even if less resistent. The problem is when you want to use a science ship like an escort or like a cruiser. The same when you want to use a cruiser like a science ship or an escort.

before using an escort I used cruisers with my tact toon... I was not good as an eng toon in tanking, but also I had not as mucj dps as a tact toon on escort... simply because my ship wasn't an escort and my toon wasn't an engineer.
Do you want a pure dps scip? then you have to be a tactical on a escort. Do you want to be a great tank? then you have to be a engineer on a cruiser... You cann't do everything good.