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11-02-2012, 12:49 PM
Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Given the recent revelation of the Vesta, they should give the Regent a fourth Tactical console slot.
THAT would boost sales of the Regent. I'm shopping and the extra Tac console would sell me!

When I was considering my escort, I was looking at the C-Store MVAE/Prometheus - to for a test drive, I got the regular AE... I love it so much that I don't care to BUY the MVAE, especially with the forum reports of the bugs with it's NPC components. The AE is awesome in STFs.

I might just get the regular Sovereign. Minus the power boosts, console goodies and a minor rearrangement of the BOff slots, the Regent is not radically different from the stock AC for about 1725 more Zen.

Adding a Tactical console slot to the Regent would be BIG functional difference. To balance, take away a console slot from either Eng or Sci.

IMHO, adding tricks can't really sell as much. Is this REALLY a true Refit?