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11-02-2012, 01:34 PM
Originally Posted by hroothvitnir View Post
The Vesta is not going to replace any cruisers. A decently armored cruiser can take a elite gate crit torpedo or its infamous I hate your hull beam and just heal that damage off afterwords and keep going. A sci vessel will have far more of an issue when hit with 40k hull damage out of nowhere. For pvp swap the words gate with tricobalt and it basically works the same minus the getting caught completely flat footed moments.
Indeed. 27.8K hull is not going to be able to take much punishment, even bleed-through and plasm burn are going to be more of an issue than it is on even an escort.

Originally Posted by ortsim View Post
There will also be quite a few things to manage at once, with the hangar bay and science ship abilities, as well as the standard skills. In the right hands this will be an insane ship, otherwise with all the things that could weigh it down, most of them you'll face will be fairly challenging to standard, pretty much like a lockbox ship or similar counterpart.
Most definitely. Will take many captains some time to be able to pilot these well, definitely not going to be an *I Win* button.