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11-02-2012, 01:46 PM
Sorry didn't see the official threads. Posting on here too (sorry for duplication):
New Romulus - Radiation Game ? When complete, and hit the 'View Results' button, the screen just goes away. Happened each time I tried the game (twice).

New Romulus - When walking near the grounded romulan ship in the staging area, received five System Messages for new Respawn Point Unlocked.

New Romulus - Grounded ship in staging area missing lazar red eye moving back and forth in cockpit window. JK J

New Romulus - When looking at large map of Staging Area, the Key and certain parts of the map are not focusing all at the same time, have to move map around to have areas come into focus.

New Romulus - The Atlai Area - Momma Nanov in pink water. When you walk up to the creature you can into it, graphic issue.

New Romulus - The Atlai Area - In the pink water/lake Force Field Dome does not appear when used. This seems to be happening in a lot of areas.

New Romulus - Site to site transport took a long time to transition from waiting screen to beam in. Clock stopped working as well during pause. More research shows this seems to only be happening when you beam back to the stagging area.

New Romulus - Isha Forest - Cave entrance not working, just a black hole. I am told you have to be a certain tier to get in. If you try to enter, I recommend it say something so people do not get confused. Same with other spots.

New Romulus - Embassy- Water sounds in lower left side of romulan embassy, not sure the cause no visual to go with it.

Azure Nebular & General System - Tabing out while in Azure freeing romulans, seems to crash the game, also happening all over, could just be tribble server.

Acamar System - When in the Acamar star system, when looking at the planet there doesnt seem to be any stars, just blackness. When doing the diplomacy mission, graphics looked off.

Starbase 234 - Going through the messages in the Starbase 234 system 1st visit to test the defences, the dialog boxes started togo super wide.

Where is the diplomacy corp like if the Defarri system? Should be here if anywhere!!

DoFF-No updates to diplomacy or security missions for this sector

Galorndon Core System - The sequences of the last dialog/hunters and movement of the NPCs is off, the Gelki make it through before the dialog. Unknown reward of dialog at the end the mission.

Archer System - The romulan ships are dying super fast. Even though they go down to zero in health, they dont die. If they shouldnt really die at least make them tougher so it is more believable, or give marks for them surviving.

Help And Support - What's new in Season 7 Button - When hitting this the words TODO and what to do is listed. Probably something to be addressed before release.

Radition Reports - The reports icon in the inventory is just white no icon