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Originally Posted by rrincy View Post
not as much as i have in the past , when i do play its mostly fleet stuff on my fed , but what has that got to do with me wanting more kdf content ?
you seriously suggesting that if the 1-20 leveling is sorted out , and people able to select them from the start that more wont play them ?
I asked how much you played KDF - not STO.

Every day I make 2 runs on 3 KDF toons from DS9 to Qo'nos and back - doffing.

Every day I see less and less ships around Klingon sector space - hell some days I see almost as many FED ships in Klingon space as KDF. I see less and less in orbit, and I see less and less on the ground in first city and the academy.

KDF players are gone - and I think Cryptic must be noticing these numbers in their metrics as well.

I just don't see how Mr Stahl can make a Business case to his boss - PWE and then in turn their shareholders to invest in a faction that is disappearing.

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