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11-02-2012, 02:37 PM
Something to take into account regarding shield healing in S7 - comes about with the various changes taking place...

Change in SDO/BFI will require more active healing.
Change in the endgame sets will require more active healing.
Reputation passives will require less active healing if taken.

There's also the increase in hull damage that's going to be done in S7. How much of a change is that going to require - how much is that going to cut into shield healing?

So while the potential for dropping a huge overheal might sound nifty - it's an overheal.

I'm curious as to how the rest is going to play out with healing in S7 (and stupid me, once again deleted his 50s before thinking to copy one to Tribble - I've lost count of how many rerolls I've done in the past month...meh).
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