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Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
I don't see why Cryptic couldn't basically grandfather anyone who ever completed an Elite STF...
Because there is a difference of account and character, they can "grandfather" a character but the system is not going to account level.

surely that would be possible.
Not without taking to account level.

And then institute a game mechanic that unlocks the Elite version after you've done the corresponding STF on Normal.
And here we come to the issue that it seems people continue to ignore.

Just because *I* completed a Elite does not go beyond my *character* completing it, why its so hard to understand that by forcing people into normal you are forcing then doing then by *each* character they have?

At account level? maybe but how many things are there at account level? I dont know how the system functions at account level but since the only things that count are Veteran Rewards it seems the system in place does not see what the account accomplishes on the game itself.

No, it wouldn't keep out relatively unskilled players who have already done it.
Then why its a issue? why trying to force PUGs to be Elite STF Raiders?

But it would force guys like me who haven't to at least try to learn the ropes first.
Let me be blunt ... YOU WONT.

Elite works different that Normal in Space, you can ignore the 10% rule on Infected and still win, you can destroy a Shipyard in Cure and still win, you can ignore probes in KA and still win.

You cannot in Elite.

Ground is different, things are about the same and people dont like ground because its overall complicated ... CG is a mess in Normal because most people DONT know how it works, Infected is a horror in Ground because you never know if you can beat it with your ground until the boss room, there is no reason to force people into normal in Ground because it plays the same.

And yes, I wouldn't mind being "locked out".
And would you mind being locked out with every single character you have?

If I ever do play an Elite, I'd like to do it without totally embarrassing myself and messing up my teammates.
The only time you be "totally embarrassed" would be on normal by doing things you dont know, like the KAG room were if you have a team that never done it since that is not something players will know how to do the first time, Elite Space just requires a slightly different approach since you cannot deal with Nano Spheres spam in Elite and have to avoid it or in Cure you dont want Borg Raptors to spawn because it makes it tougher on the Defender so you dont kill the Cube after you cleared it and in KA you have Cubes spawning were they were none in Normal, they are not particular hard but since in KA its common to split into two groups with someone on probe duty its easy to get caught unaware and be killed because you further split and its you alone vs a Cube ... on Elite.

Forcing training camps solve nothing, especially when said training camps are with people running their alts and have to deal with Cure and Infected Ground that are a massive pain in the ass even with a good team.