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Originally Posted by matthewfelix View Post
Still having a price tag of 30k+ dilithium for a single omega/borg/romulan mk 12 set item is a bit obscene when there is an 8k refinement limit, we are already having to spend a major time sink to get to tier 5 with these rep levels, then to have one complete set will cost ~100k Dilithium. At the current zen to Dilithium exchange rate of 1 to 158 that would cost over 600 zen to get enough dilithium for one set (which is probably PWE's intention)... also remember it costs dilithium to get those rep ranks up. And this has to be done for each character separately. There are many more dilithium sinks in season 7, and the stfs are having the dilithium rewards reduced, but still the 8k refinement limit is growing prohibitive with all these sinks.

They need to drop the dilithium costs significantly, and raise the (romulan/omega) mark and neural processor amounts to compensate yes the mk 11s in the dilithium store are 22k... but these mk 12s are over 10k higher and require a lot more effort than just the dilithium to get.
Imo they have in some areas and have not. I'm still not sure what a final set will cost but the upgrades are significantly less expensive and that's a pretty big deal. I can honestly say they're LISTENING. Is this perfect? Nope, but its a hell of a lot better than we expected. I was honest to god worried about season 7. Seeing these patch notes shows that they're backing up the jawing they were doing on the Dev blog 9 thread. There are more changes to be made. But this is a hell of a lot more livable than this was a week ago.