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11-02-2012, 04:33 PM
I gotta agree, the Vesta, while strong for a science ship, won't be the 'I win' button many think it to be. Granted I think it coulda done without the hanger bay, that's just overkill in many areas but still. But with it's weak hull it will go down if that person doesn't know what they're doing on if in PVP, the person facing it knows what they're doing.

If anything if many think about it the Atrox is a sci ship, with much stronger hull and almost comparable shields. The Lobi store Recluse is also got Vesta level shields, a better turn rate than the Atrox, and a Commander Universal, so a well made one of either can outclass the Vesta in staying power and ability. The Nebula also has better hull, and the Fleet Nebula's hull is stronger and has a better shield Mod, and can tank with the right boff layout.

And finally, I agree...the KDF needs something comparable to this. And not a ship from the Lockbox or Lobi store, or a Vet reward..something on the C-store that they can all get and enjoy.

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