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11-02-2012, 03:59 PM
Originally Posted by atatassault View Post
So the Regular enemies are cool. Just requires cross healing.

The Queen Needs to be toned down. The Aura of 5km Death is avoidable, so that's cool. Instakill from full shields and Hull Torp Spread is not. That wasn't a one time occurance, it killed probably everybody 5 times each.

EDIT: This was on Elite, and No rewards were given out.

I agree completly. Just finished playing it on Elite. First part was fantastice. Great balance. V'Ger ship where also good. The Queen's ship was to much. It instant killed all 5 of our ships at the same time. Way too much power. Also only one of our group got a neural processor and none of us got marks.

Overall, great job.