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Originally Posted by outlaw51825 View Post
Imo they have in some areas and have not. I'm still not sure what a final set will cost but the upgrades are significantly less expensive and that's a pretty big deal. I can honestly say they're LISTENING. Is this perfect? Nope, but its a hell of a lot better than we expected. I was honest to god worried about season 7. Seeing these patch notes shows that they're backing up the jawing they were doing on the Dev blog 9 thread. There are more changes to be made. But this is a hell of a lot more livable than this was a week ago.
I agree they are listening, but Season 7 needs a bit more work before it goes live, and it is going live in probably less than a week. I'm merely saying more of what they need to still do.

Originally Posted by cowbert View Post
Dude, you make a over 1100 dil per STF run. Adding dil costs to the STF gear makes sense since people (me included) were definitely farming the hell out of getting what were essentially free STF gear sets while generating gobs of dil because of having to grind out STFs waiting for the prototype drops. On holodeck right now once you've gotten your Mk XI gear, you're handing in all your EDCs and salvage for dil, and it just keeps rolling in especially as you grind for the Mk XII sets. Once you're done gearing the generic borg Mk XII you'll start handing in the prototype salvage for dil. The current scheme just changes the slope of the dil gain curve. Once you obtain your gear, you can still run missions to generate dil (which is what we do are doing now anyway). Of course the number of STF runners continued to decline due to satiation when it took too long to get the Mk XII gear, and Cryptic had to do something to get people back into running STFs where the time it takes to get Mk XII was more deterministic.

8K dil gate is a time gate. Otherwise you'd all be gazillionaires with your high tiered crafting T5 SBs and purple doffs. Asking about the 8k dil gate is like asking CCP why training Battleship V in Eve takes 30 days of real time.
'Dude' read the patch notes and dev diaries, Elite STFs in Season 7 will no longer give 1100 Dilithium per run, try closer to under half that amount for an Elite STF.

In Season 7 you will get dilithium faster doing the twenty man events, where you can even get purple items if yuo do well enough in the events, than Elite STFs, this is by design according to the Devs as they see the STFs as a source of Omega Marks and as far as I can tell the only source for Borg neural Processors with Elite STFs. Even then if they gave 10 million Dilithium we are still capped at the refinement of 8k a day and it is that 8k limit that is the big issue with all these new dilithium sinks.

Heck pre-season 7 it was even easier than what your saying, do a few STFs get the old borg set (which isn't bad when you consider all the 3 borg + maco/other shield users out on holodeck right now) and use that till you either get the drops or the EDC to get a mk XI set opr at least teh shield you want, then grind till you get a MK XII set, or at lest the shield you want.

Now you have to grind out through tier 5 rep and then grind some more to have the dilithium to get the item. Even as someone who already has managed to get a mk 12 ground set and a mk 12 space set I think this new grind is requiring an excessive amount of dilithium compared to Omega/Romulan marks. Oh and you can't do the 3 borg + other shield combo now or the two borg two other set since they are splitting off the console into another set, which may not necessarily be a bad thing as I can see the issues that were popping up with the old borg set.

By the way if your wondering I already have a Mk 12 Maco ground set and a Mk 12 Maco space set... so this isn't a whining I want to get the set easier, this is are they seriously trying to force people to cough up that much dilithium with the 8k a day refinement issue.

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