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and I think you aren't being very honest with the recollection of your time spent doing Elite STFs. If you are, then they are normal stfs or STFs that fail.
and I think you are ignoring the facts presented and calling people liars because you want to believe Cryptic is a horrible company and want to stick to the current system so much you won't listed to the other side.
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I wish people would stop being deluded, the primary goal of the changes to the STF's was not to remove luck and make sure everyone got their gear (That was just a bi-product of their aim), it was to ensure that STF's would be time gated and rebooted to keep people going until S8 (when a lot of new content should arrive) and also to create another set of dilithium sinks to fuel Zen sales.
I fully understand what they are doing, but I don't really take that much issue with it. it lets us actually grind for gear now rather than just playing content and hoping for gear, and the dilithium as a cost fits in with it being a way to grind for real money items or pay to save time. I do think the costs need looked at from the prices I have heard people mentioning. I know cryptic said they picked a high dilithium cost for the sets because they are better than the stuff in the regular dilithium store, but that ignores the extra work you have to put in and the other resources needed as payment in addition to the dilithium, but the system itself is reasonably sound. I do wish they would implement a system whereby those of us who have been playing STFs all this time could get a leg up on the new system, however.