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Originally Posted by raptor63549 View Post
and I think you are ignoring the facts presented and calling people liars because you want to believe Cryptic is a horrible company and want to stick to the current system so much you won't listed to the other side.
When I know something to be factually incorrect, then I know something is wrong, so I need to draw conclusions based on the reasoning behind peoples "bad luck"

Now why do I know it is factually incorrect? Because I've done hundreds of STFs casually, since it came to be. The drop rate has increased to a point where you will, no matter how bad you are ( assuming you complete them ) get a proto tech drop. This isn't really a debatable topic, because the drop rate simply isn't as low as they are implying.

Agreeing with something I know to be untruthful, is making me a liar also, did you consider that?

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