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11-02-2012, 04:50 PM
Okay, so after almost an hour off doing Normal Onslaught i jsut quit because the 1 hit kills from the queen and the support vessels, r out of control. Everytime i respawned against the queen, within 20 seconds i got blown up again. By a 1hit torp. It is out of control. no to mention we didnt kill the queen. this was on normal and at best we managed to get her down to 92% b4 we all well killed. and this was again on normal, i hate to imagine how things r on elite. And we were getting ship damage when we were destroyed, since when did that start on normal. i know it is like that on elite, but not normal
*Me*Why don't you just step away from the weapons console. You and I both know that you couldn't hit that cube, even if it was right in front of us.
*Junior Tactical Officer* But sir the cube IS right in front of us.
*Me* EXACTLY! Its right in front of us and you still missed it! Just step away from the console.