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Originally Posted by mewi View Post
When I know something to be factually incorrect, then I know something is wrong, so I need to draw conclusions based on the reasoning behind peoples "bad luck"

Now why do I know it is factually incorrect? Because I've done hundreds of STFs casually, since it came to be. The drop rate has increased to a point where you will, no matter how bad you are ( assuming you complete them ) get a proto tech drop. This isn't really a debatable topic, because the drop rate simply isn't as low as they are implying.

Agreeing with something I know to be untruthful, is making me a liar also, did you consider that?
Well, how nice for you.

But the fact remains some people don't have the time to do hundreds of STFs. Work, family, other obligations, etc... it isn't uncommon for some people to only have 2 hours to play STO per day on average.

So see where the luck-based aspect becomes un-easy?

By your logic, when you can do hundreds of STF's casually, it is easy... but that can't (and doesn't) apply to every single person.
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