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11-02-2012, 05:15 PM
Technology gets twice as fast and costs half the price at an ever increasing rate.

Which for me says everything you need to know about the excelsior class and why it remains so popular.

Starfleet in game is supposed to be stretched to its absalute limit. Borg, fighting the klingons (although in game that war is all but over) mirror universe, undine, romulans the new dominions, the breen, the list goes on.

Hell you become a captain when your still an ensign. Starfleet is waffer fine as it stands

production wise after such a long time they will have got creating new excelsior down to a pittence yet it is still a ship that can hold its own against most things out there.

It stands to reason that these things would get chucked out as fast as Starfleet could manage

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