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So, I'm looking through tribble, and I don't see a single new asset added to the Foundry. No transporter pad. Zip, nadda.

I know that I rant about this a lot, but it is very frustrating when:

Two years ago, Dan Stahl told us that the team would easily be able to "tag" art assets for inclusion into the Foundry. We were told that we'd get all the new stuff from featured episodes, which we thought would include costumes.

We were told that season 6 would include new assets, which it did as far as several maps, but almost nothing in terms of props, beyond some banners and glossy ship panels.

Zero later told us that it takes half a day of dev work to put a map in the Foundry. That doesn't sound like a lot of dev time to me, when an entirely new map is added to the Foundry.

New features are always fun. But, please, we really need stuff like a transporter pad. Building one out of klingon barrels, concrete platforms and lamps makes your game look ugly in Foundry missions.

Please let us make your game look good by giving us the props that we need. Otherwise, many of our maps will continue to be ugly.

That's not good for the Foundry or the status of Foundry missions. Assets that make your game look good should be an important priority. Right now, we have a random collection of oddly shaped stuff that doesn't often fit together.

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