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Originally Posted by icegavel View Post
Tactical cubes? o.O Did you First-Time-Elite or something? One does not simply play a new STF on Elite first time. Do normal, know half of what to expect. Still, you didn't miss much, Cryptic forgot to give the mission any rewards.

Also, protip: Stay near the Queen's ship during the Bger fight, they won't use their Spinal Lances. Says so in the mission.

Speaking of spinal lances... CRYPTIC YOU TEASES. I've always WANTED a Plasma Lance... Can you give the G-X the ability to swap energy types, pretty please?
Yes it was my first time and I did elite.... Ive done every other one on elite... so might as wel do this one that way.

Yep... there are 6 tactical cubes. They dont aggro... so if you only pull one you can kill them about the same as ISE or KASE... but theres still 6 of them... and they each have a guard of 2 spheres. Too much.

Yes... I know about the lances not firing if youre close to the Queen's ship... doesnt help when you spawn 25km away.

Also not that this had any effect on the mission... but the U.S.S. Houston buggered off about half way through the tac cube fight... and several of the cubs, upon engaging them flew off in a giant circle before coming back to the Queen's ship.