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Originally Posted by amayakitsune View Post
Yes it was my first time and I did elite.... Ive done every other one on elite... so might as wel do this one that way.

Yep... there are 6 tactical cubes. They dont aggro... so if you only pull one you can kill them about the same as ISE or KASE... but theres still 6 of them... and they each have a guard of 2 spheres. Too much.

Yes... I know about the lances not firing if youre close to the Queen's ship... doesnt help when you spawn 25km away.

Also not that this had any effect on the mission... but the U.S.S. Houston buggered off about half way through the tac cube fight... and several of the cubs, upon engaging them flew off in a giant circle before coming back to the Queen's ship.
1: Never First-Time-Elite. The first time you did Infected, or Cure, it probably wasn't on Elite (whether or not it was the old version or new doesn't matter). Doing Normal gives you an idea of what Elite will be.

2: Spheres aren't hard if you focus them on Elite. After that, a lone Tac Cube isn't an issue.

3: The spawn point didn't matter to me. What, did you have post-mortem aggro? Otherwise it shouldn't be an issue at all.

4: What do you mean, "buggered off"? Did the Houston de-spawn? Did it fly to the other side of the map? As for the Cubes... I think they were doing a rain dance to appease the Queen. XD

Also, I'm more upset about the lack of rewards now that I remembered that my team completed ALL of the optionals. Part One? Curb-stomped that fleet ing half the time. Part Two: Came close to failing, but didn't. Queen fight? The optional was to keep at least one alive, and at worst we only had one DEAD. We beat that handedly, and no one got CRAP.
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