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Dude, you make a over 1100 dil per STF run. Adding dil costs to the STF gear makes sense since people (me included) were definitely farming the hell out of getting what were essentially free STF gear sets while generating gobs of dil because of having to grind out STFs waiting for the prototype drops. On holodeck right now once you've gotten your Mk XI gear, you're handing in all your EDCs and salvage for dil, and it just keeps rolling in especially as you grind for the Mk XII sets. Once you're done gearing the generic borg Mk XII you'll start handing in the prototype salvage for dil. The current scheme just changes the slope of the dil gain curve. Once you obtain your gear, you can still run missions to generate dil (which is what we do are doing now anyway). Of course the number of STF runners continued to decline due to satiation when it took too long to get the Mk XII gear, and Cryptic had to do something to get people back into running STFs where the time it takes to get Mk XII was more deterministic.

8K dil gate is a time gate. Otherwise you'd all be gazillionaires with your high tiered crafting T5 SBs and purple doffs. Asking about the 8k dil gate is like asking CCP why training Battleship V in Eve takes 30 days of real time.
Like... dude. Get with the times. The amount of dilithium from STFs is being reduced in Season 7. It will take longer to get the same amount of dilithium, that you may get today.