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Originally Posted by icegavel View Post
1: Never First-Time-Elite. The first time you did Infected, or Cure, it probably wasn't on Elite (whether or not it was the old version or new doesn't matter). Doing Normal gives you an idea of what Elite will be.

2: Spheres aren't hard if you focus them on Elite. After that, a lone Tac Cube isn't an issue.

3: The spawn point didn't matter to me. What, did you have post-mortem aggro? Otherwise it shouldn't be an issue at all.

4: What do you mean, "buggered off"? Did the Houston de-spawn? Did it fly to the other side of the map? As for the Cubes... I think they were doing a rain dance to appease the Queen. XD
It being on Elite the first time wasnt an issue. I can handle Elite. I knew what to do once I read the briefings.

Spheres arent hard no... and I can take them down fairly quick. Doesnt change the fact that they are there... (why are they there? Is 6 tac cubes not enough?)

No post mortem aggro... but when the whole team wipes you have to approach the unimatrix vessels again... meaning they get to use their lances again.

Buggered off as in flew off. In my ran I last saw it steaming away from the Queen on plasma fire. Never saw it after that.