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11-02-2012, 06:10 PM
another suggestion, also to *bump* this thread...:

implement a minimum hurdle to STFs, if a player doesn't make it, he gets no loot (and preferably even a queue-ban for X hours).
For example, dealing 10k heals/damage on an elite ground STF is easily possible, even for a poorly geared player, as long as he's working with his team. 5k easily come from hypos alone.
If a player doesn't meet that 10k-mark, he's obviously afk/leeching for a long time.

A script determining the amount of a players heals/damage during an STF could be easily made, after all something similar already exists for fleet actions.
That change wouldn't affect all those teamplayers out there, but could easily deal with that bunch of leechers who seek to destroy the STO-experience for everybody else.

Hope you, dear cryptics, will finally do something here - being fooled by leechers and feeling abandoned by you just isn't fun.