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11-02-2012, 07:25 PM
Played it on Elite, and got no rewards (no omega marks and no processor).

Bunch of elite cubes: That was fun!

V'ger ships: When the 2 V'ger ships appeared, I was killed at some point and I got a system message telling me that if I stayed close to the Queen Diamond I wouldn't be shot that hard, but tbh I did not notice any difference (got shot with torpedo spreads, etc when close to the queen ship anyway).

Diamond ship: I was OK with most of it, just think that the torpedo spread should be toned down a bit so it stops 1-shot killing players. Everything else seemed fine, including the 5km green cloud of death.

Overall, this one was really fun (even with all the 1-shot torp spread deaths)!

PS: Ohhh, almost forgot. There is a bug that sometimes stops your ship from steering after you respawn from a death. This happens both in Holodeck and Tribble.
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