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11-02-2012, 07:35 PM
I must say I'm pleasantly surprised. The mission itself seems like nothing special at first (basically "go kill queen guards and then the queen herself"), but I like how enemy placement and variety encourage teamwork, including aggro'ing and tanking.

Done this on elite and the only real issue I had was the 1shot-KO Iso Charge from the diamond. I tried to run away, being the only survivor, and suddenly I just exploded with nearly full shields and HP, only to see in the combat log that the iso charge did over ~65000 (~100000) dmg to me, just like that. This needs to be tuned down a bit.

Aside from that it was fun and I think it is very much doable with all the optionals in a good team. Please Cryptic, do us all a favour and keep it challenging like that, and do not nerf it so that every player and their mother could do it in 5min, like you can with every other space STF on holodeck...

As for bugs - no loot whatsoever. One player who scanned for D'Vak's escape pod got the Borg Neural Processor, but noone else did.