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11-02-2012, 07:06 PM
Hey all,

So we were talking about the Foundry in the StarbaseUGC chatroom (I know, what a shock), and various ideas were being batted around.

There was one thing in particular that was suggested that seemed to resonate with people.

What if once a week, every week, the Devs added a random prop from the library to the Foundry. That way, we'd all be excited about this weeks new addition.

Or possibly 4 props are chosen by the Devs and put in a Poll on the Forums, the prop with the greatest votes that week is then added.

It would be a wonderful morale boost to us Authors, and slowly start getting through the assets request list, with minimal work required to do it.

Please do consider this.

Oh and thanks for the 3 Star fix

Your sometime 'loveable' Hell Doggy