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11-02-2012, 08:10 PM
I really wish they would focus on adding at least a few major maps.

For example, the Starfleet Academy map is an amazing map and has a lot of potential for missions, yet we don't have it. The same goes for the Klingon First City.

We still only have the old version of Deep Space Nine, with no way to access Quark's or the Command Center.

We still only have access to the old Azura interior, although that is less important.

The lack of a transporter pad is also probably one of the assets that is most needed.

Here is my list of major assets that would improve the Foundry:

High Priority
Starfleet Academy
Klingon First City
Deep Space Nine New Version (With either some way to access command and Quarks, or those added as separate maps)
Transporter Pad Asset
Blank Interior Map
Blank Interior Map With View of Space At The Outside

Medium Priority
S.S. Azura New Version
Small/Medium/Large Ship Interiors (I suspect these get very little use from players actually visiting the bridge/interior, but they would be great props for Starship interiors).

Click here for my Foundry tutorial on Creating A Custom Interior Map.

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