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The shuttlebay interior from Of Bajor holodeck training
Can we get a 'blank' map added for creating custom interiors?
The landform is featureless and flat, hopefully able to be backdropped

Weapons - models for all types and oriented so that we can:
Place them on a desk at any angle
Place them on a wall like a trophy mount at any likely angle
coffee cup
UFP Banner
FED Seal Banner
Ship Development banners - These may all be in now, but a placeholder in case they are not
Curved Walls - like added in the bank area and more generic building ones
Verticle building block ramps - Tipped on their short side so their point is in the air
Columns, such as those from the Guardian of Forever map
Both upright columns and rubble columns(titled at an angle and broken into blocks)
lighting parts like in ESD - the track lighting
vertical UFP logo (for placing on walls)
posters - like in ESD and Ship interior
paintings - like in ESD and Ship interior
rotating crystal object like in ESD sickbay
Admiral Quinns fishtank
Placeable ESD holo - the Watchtower model in Quinns office
explosives - the explosive packs themselves, and other future models too
gold pressed latinum - slips, bricks, etc
A Bajoran Orb - various colors of possible
Better chairs and tables (from the series)
More series inspired consoles
small ground based debris.ship wreckage and rubble from buildings.
more building options i.e. doors, windows, walls
Alien props, land vehicles and alien tech
Staircases and ladders
Starship and shuttle interior components for all types, i.e. NX class consoles and warp core
STARBASES - All models all factions please
Jupiter Station model
transporter pad - All major races
transporter background - All major races, and timeframes
DJ console
padded chair, like in medical office fed ship interior, medical beds with closing and opening animation.
Warp core - powered and unpowered
also a TMP style core too with the Dilithium chamber mushroom would be really cool
EPS conduits - TNG and TMP style
engineering 'pool table'
poker table
chairs with footstools, like in ships lounge
kitchen equipment
double bed
ability to place ships on the ground
Hatches, trapdoors, panel covers (as placeable objects for when a cover is removed)
isoliner chips, rods, etc
other forcefields then broken forcefield
The Alien race combadges
EV suits in costume editor