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11-02-2012, 07:40 PM
@matthewfelix, and anyone else talking about the cap

I cant find the exact thread but this has been brought up and discussed before

As they prepare for season 8 (and they clearly have groundwork/designs drawn up already.) They've stated they will not be against increasing that cap. But before that happens the dev team needs NUMBERS and not from the test server. They'll need live server numbers. They need to know how much is being held in reserve, how much is being refined per day if the 8k is enough or if people are earning so much dilithium in a day that the cap actually needs to be raised to avoid an overtight bottleneck.

So i dont expect to see a cap increase right away. But i would not be surprised if two weeks after season 7 goes live they say, 'due to the numbers we're seeing we're raising the dilithium cap by X'

So please be paitent. They're defintely looking at it. The patch notes make it clear they're listening.