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11-02-2012, 07:41 PM
I like the new look and with the rewards marks listed, challenge rank and number of players needed, but I miss the number of players que. I like to see the number of players already que up...for example something like 4/5 [players que/players needed].


Starbase 234 - I like have a combat simulation area to be able to test out new ships and configurations. What I think it need is being able to set the simulation level and/or enemy types . For instance, some shield types has higher resistance to disruptors, so I like to fight against an opponent that use disruptors like the Klingons. With this in mine why can we get a starship performance report at the end.

New Romulus - I like the new mini game scanning for radiation. Having to use my tricorder on a little scavenger hunt searching for rocks, plants, etc. was reminiscent many games where you find things to sell or use, but in this case to collect for Romulan marks. The epohh look like rabbits and we can breed different types? Are these going to be the new tribble? The overall look of New Romulus is nice, however the map of the area was blurred and hard to read the legend.

Ops in the Embassy on New Romulus is nice, I can't see anything to really change, however, is there a viewscreen? Maybe adding a few viewscreens with varies activities?

Last comment, I would think that since STO takes place 30 years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis and that Starfleet would send the best to New Romulus, why are they still using Type 8 shuttlecrafts, don't they have new shuttles like the Type 11 shuttlecraft or a new Type 12 shuttlecraft or SC-4 [Starfleet Command shuttle]?

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