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Originally Posted by amayakitsune View Post
If you mean the menu in the accessed by right clicking my character portrait, and selecting change outfit, then yes. If your are talking about the menu in the tailor to actually customize the outfit, the outfit is already customized and set in a slot... but selecting the slot to wear it does not function for M.A.C.O. or Omega Force.

I'll submit a bug report next time Im on tribble, but if I go to change my outfit using that menu and click on the costume slot with M.A.C.O. in it (aptly named M.A.C.O.) my uniform will not change. If I happen to be wearing my default TNG Film uniform that uniform stays showing. If I happen to activate the visuals for the armor item and try to change into the M.A.C.O. costume via the same menu... I get the warning that I have visuals enabled and I may not be able to see my uniform changes, and I can disable the armor visual... but my unifomr will not have changed. This only affects my M.A.C.O. and Omega Force outfits and not my TNG Film, DS9 Admiral or Diplomat uniforms. Switching between those 3 work as intended.
Tested and confirmed.