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11-02-2012, 08:33 PM
All white.

As for my thoughts.

A really good set of cost changes in the right general direction. However i still don't think it's enough where the space gear is concerened. It still adds upto a HUGE amount of dilithium if you change builds or want an alternate set. And when S8 hits, (this is when i figure we'll get the admrial rank and the extra ships call in), it's going to be way over the top. I'm also concerned by the scalars across Mk's. Ground gear bassiclly see it scale by 3 fold from MkX to MkXII. Space gear increases by less than double. This produces excessivklly expensive low Mk space sets. That alne even at 1 set only is going to be the single biggest slow down in the entire system.

Also they've said no dil cap rise before S8. Though it's on the cards for S8 and that may be their anwser to the multi-gearing issue.

The SB changes are really nice as well in one respect. But honestly iof your going to do this. Just remove the upgrinders completly. With all the dilithium sinks we have it's just completly impossibble to justify spending anything on them or general recruitment packs. The cost vs reward in comparision is just not going to be worth it in comparision to the rep systems alone. And most cashuals are going to be grinding the rep systems till S8 anyway IMHO, so even for those without SB's, there isn;t going to be the dil to spare to justify it.