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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99
With MACO/Omega Force armors now visible, the way they display is disorganized and somewhat confusing.

Here's my proposed change:

Mk X - The No Helmet version
Mk XI - Helmet and armor version
Mk XII - The variant helmet and armor version, previously earned by completing specials

The special unlock for people who complete specials - Facility 4028 gear visuals
Here's how it will actually work:

Mk X = No special visual (aka "Plastic Pajamas")
Mk XI = Standard STF Armor, No helmet, few "bits"
Mk XII = Updated STF Armor, Helmet, more "bits"
Mk XII + Complete all Elite Optionals = Variant of Mk XII
Adapted Mk XII = An entirely-new variant of Mk XII

(NOTE: There is no Adapted Omega. Only MACO and Honor Guard.)

Only the top 3 of the above costumes have ever been live previously, though some may have seen Concept/WIP art of the fourth one that will be released with the Adapted sets.
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