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11-02-2012, 10:24 PM
Going back over what happened in the last Elite in my mind, the player that lasted the longest typically was in an RSV. The torps seem to be fairly normal, being that shields stopped most of the damage, but there were just so many that it ate through my Armitage's shield facing and then my hull very fast. A high shield mod ship should be able to take them a lot better. However, the RSV couldn't deal much damage against the Queen ship. If only that RSV had Dual Heavy Cannons and giant Phaser that shot out of it's deflector...

I'd like to see some Elite runs, particularly good ones, if anyone puts any up on Youtube.

One request to Cryptic: make the spawn a no fly zone... After the first attempt at Zerging it (bad idea), two cubes and 4 or more Spheres ended up flying into the spawn zone, quickly killing most of us. We ended up having to Buff and run as soon we spawned to draw off the Borg group.

Originally Posted by aussieastro View Post
LOVE the new game play, had multiple instances of loss of helm control though
only way i could get it back was BLOW up and respawn.

and in the end only one team member got the rewards.
really looking forward to non bugged Season 7 version
Thank you
Hit Esc when this happens. It's some sort of target locking feature gone awry from what I can tell (when my ship is not moving, my ship will point at the target as it moves).

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