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11-02-2012, 10:52 PM
OK, I got burned out on reading posts thanks to the reputation feedback section, so I'm just going to give my impressions of New Romulus and assume you already have enough bug reports to keep you busy.

1) There seems to be a wide variety of tasks and mini-missions to keep me busy. I've led around baby cephalopods, picked flowers, shot Hirogen, scanned (and occasionally shot) wild animals, and unlocked fast travel locations. This is good, but unfortunately is hampered by the following...

2) The majority of missions seem to fall under the ever-popular "fetch quest" category. There were many moments, as my inventory filled with items related to one or another "fetch quest", where my mind was called back to a common ephitet from the Elder Scrolls franchise. Take that, you fetcher! Seriously, though, my inventory filled up with a lot of useless... stuff. For the many "fetch quests" in STO, please remember that we have a starship in orbit, with transporters, that could easily beam up all this... stuff... and then beam it all down it once when we got to the person that wanted all that... stuff. Given the setting, filling our inventory with... stuff... is kind of ridiculous.

3) Much like the previous Tholian and Borg "adventure zones", the whole thing seems kind of aimless. There isn't any sense of actually accomplishing anything beyond collecting the rewards. Just as we never seem to kill enough drones on Defara, it doesn't really look like the Romulans will ever sort out their new homeworld.

That's it for the moment. There seems to be a great deal to do, but with little purpose. I honestly think I'll lose interest fairly quickly, but I'll give it a bit more time when the whole thing goes live... oh, and a Tholian spawned inside a cliff face during an attack in the Hwael Ruins; it looked kind of funny, with its legs twitching. Transporter accidents can happen to the most worthy of foes. Anyway, I hope this is helpful in your continuing quest to improve the STO we all know and love.