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11-02-2012, 11:56 PM
Those are some very startling figures DJ. Well put. Given that the unlocks do provide other advantages I'm prepared to pay for rep gain, but I have to agree the end gear cost needs to ether drop or the rewards need to rise. 400k Dilithium plus 60 days to reach the point we are basically at right now, then another 40 hours x6 pieces so another 10 days to actually unlock set gear nor including ship weapons. So 70 Days of effort at-least. How can that be a 60% decrease on the amount of time it takes to collect a set by the current grind system? That is all assuming you can collect all the require dilithium, DoFF, Commodities, and miscellaneous items perfectly on time, which is pretty unlikely for most folks, I would say 90 days is a safe figure for most folks.