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I am about to start a new toon, and I am not sure about which ship gives me the best bang for the bucks.

I will start probably with a tactical officer (I've played only the sci so far); and in the past, I remember that I would get a token for each promotion, so at that time the problem of which ship to get was not so worrisome.

Now that we need dil and z points to get decent ships, I would like to hear some suggestions about which ship is worth buying, based on these factors:

- how well they retain their value (basically for how long can i fly with them and still being competitive in PVE)

- which one has console that I can transfer to other ships, that are useful also when you hit VA

- that suits tac toon (but can be useful also for other professions)

I have some dil and z points saved, due the fact that I've got the VA ships almost for free (bought the caitian ship, so science is covered; got the 1000 veteran ship, which is a tac ship, and I have the anniversary version of the odyssey, which is a cruiser for the eng class, so I have one for each ); so now I would like to invest in something that I can have fun with and at the same time, that I may use at lower tiers while i work my second toon to VA.

I do not have enough to buy all the ships, nor I want to put money in the game; that's why I want to aim to the best that the shipyard has to offer I know that there is not a "best" ship, but there are ships that are worth more than others, and I tried to look at the stats but it didn't clear up my I prefer to ask to others that played for sure more toons than me

Thanks in advance!