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Originally Posted by eristhevorta View Post
Wow, so now we only need white duffs and only departemental ones? And up to now it was such a grind? Those who haven't started a fleet yet, start one now. This is awesome! The best change ever. Actually I wouldn't have minded to put in green, blue or even purrple duffs if they were NOT of a special kind like "transporter officer" or "security officer". Now I can milk even more white duff EC winnings out of the bonus duffs I get (tribble rewards etc.) when I create a new character. Thank you!

And yayness for ITH Space.
Yes, this was (conditionally) good news and a relief for small fleets hitting the brick wall of upgrading to Tier 3 and above.

Conditionally = it doesn't mean that 240 green DOFFs needed to upgrade to Tier 3 base now becomes 24,000 or 240,000 white commons (it could happen).

The dilithium costs for tier 2 to 3 and above may still be daunting for small fleets, which will make some stuff out of reach or put on hold. Each alt grinding reputation will further dilute materials, doffs and dilithium.
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