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Originally Posted by canis36 View Post
*slams head repeatedly into desk*

This isn't just C-Store ships, you cannot have two of the same ship on ANY character. You can, through the use of C-Store refits and/or purchases have two ships that look identical such as the assault cruiser and the assault cruiser refit, but you cannot have 2x Assault Cruiser or 2x Advanced Escort on a single character any more than you can have 2x Assault Cruiser Refit or 2x Multi-Vector Advanced escort on the same character.

Which is to say, again, that you can't.
You are right, it is not only C-Store ships. Still, I think, it is a pity. If you want to fly ship x as a beam boat and as a torpedoe boat, you have to reconfigure your setup or you create another character wich is an exact copy of the one you have and purchase the ship again.