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11-03-2012, 12:47 AM
Honestly, the free Patrol Escort or Advanced Escort (if you want an engineering ensign or science ensign more) can do you extremely well as-is. They have no fancy consoles or extra abilities (though if you so chose, you could use the Multi-Vector mode on the Advanced Escort if you ever buy the MVAE), but do their job as escorts quite well.

That said, all the Tier 5 Escorts on the Fed side are good, it's just about what you wanna do:

Defiant: Has the Ensign tactical on it, making it annoying that it does, but it does have the cloak, allowing for alpha-strikes.

Armitage: Engineering heavy with it's Lt. Cmdr engineer, but has a hanger bay, and a lot of potency because of it.

MVAE: Has Multi-Vector mode, letting you split one ship into three, along with it having a Lt. Cmdr science for a bigger sci heal or a CC ability.

Those are the three main VA level escorts. Of the three, people would be split on what is best, but I generally prefer the Armitage myself, because of it's Lt. Cdmr engineer personally, the hangar bay is mostly a nice extra option on what to choose.

That aside, the Grappler on the NX-replica...very meh.

The Impulse booster console from the Gladius, quite useful if you wanna move REALLY fast in a straight line. Good for getting from A to B, even in a slow, lumbering ship.

The Thunderchild's Point Defense is excellent at shooting down fighters, torpedoes, mines, and frigates, especially if buffed with Tac buffs and/or Phaser consoles.

The Sao Paulo's Quad Phaser cannons are excellent to level up with in an escort, but I don't recommend them as much for end game, especially if you wanna use another kind of weapon type later on.

I think that is about all. Of all those, the Point Defense and Impulse Burst is probably the best choices for consoles to use with anyone.

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