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11-03-2012, 12:21 AM
In cool down waiting to respawn on elite. I think this mission is doable with some interface corrections.

First, and surely this is known, the lack of control at spawn is killing us. Even when we respawn we can't join the fight till our conn officer gets out of the latrine.

Second, and probably the most important, is targeting. We need to be able to select the target masked by another ship's frame. Many times the targets are unselectable because they are hidden by another ship, but we have LOS. Common with regens hiding on the horizon of a unimatrix. "Next target" button cycles through all the pre-debris on the map before we get the target of choice.

Third, auto targeting is acting a fool. While targeting a plasma ball of death, running for my life, the beams start firing at a probe that meanders in the way or near the ball of unhappy greetings.

Finally, Tac Cubes are parallel parking. The Tac cubes are trying to mate with all the structures on the map and it makes them untargetable regardless of facing.

My fleet mates are all excited about having to actually balance out a team to conquer this thing, and on our first elite attempt it was a lot of fun, with only intermittent cursing over the mic. I anticipate a lot of PUG rage when this comes out, but don't dumb it down. Make winning elite options a real challenge. We just don't lose them in an organized team any more, it is clock work. All the spit and teeth flying past the view screen rocks.